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this is a panic icon challenge community, where challenges are presented weekly. =]] teh wonderful moderator is aprilmayjune07. any questions you have go here and ask them! ♥
le schedule
Thursday: new challenge is up and winners are announced
Thrusday-Sunday: you should be getting in your entries
Sunday @ midnight: entries are no longer accepted
Monday-Wednesday: voting

oh! and also. we're going by pacific standard time. =]

le rules
[1] no animated icons peeps! sorry. =/
[2] you may not use any other outside pictures besides the ones we give you...
[3] do not post the icons you enter for a challenge anywhere else (besides here) until the challenge is over! k?
[4] try to not vote for yourself. it's lame.
[5] you're only allowed to post up to 3 icons unless stated otherwise...
[6] your entries must fit ljs icon standards: 100x100 or smaller, 40kb or smaller, gif/jpg/png formats only please.
[7] blends, textures, and all that other photoshop crap is allowed, you're just not allowed to blend other outside images besides the ones we give you.


how to submit your icon
when you submit an entry....do it like this:


yes...with the link underneath it. i suggest you use imageshack when you upload your icons. =]
where you submit your entry.
when you submit your entry.... it is supposed to be submitted in the entry where i give the challenge. don't delete your entries after you post them because then i won't be able to enter you into the contest. the number of entries i have received will be posted in the challenge post. so....you'll know how many icons have already been submitted.
why can't you see other icons submitted?
because all icon submissions are screened. only you will be able to see your own post.
all voting will be done in screened comments. you pick your favorite 3 icons, and that's it. =]
credit: profile layout header sample icon/banner